OPG Orthopantomogram

OPG Orthopantomogram

An OPG is a panoramic or wide view x-ray of the lower face, which displays all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw on a single film. It demonstrates the number, position, and growth of all the teeth including those that have not yet surfaced or erupted.

Uses of OPG

An OPG can be used to look for:

  • Fractures.
  • Dislocated jaw.
  • Infection.
  • Dentition (teeth).

Benefits of an OPG

  • Painless, fast, and easy.
  • No radiation is left in your body after the OPG is finished.

What is an OPG used for?

An OPG is a panoramic X-ray of the upper and lower jaws, including the teeth. The OPG unit is specifically designed to rotate around the patient’s head during the scan. An OPG will take approximately 20 seconds. It can also be used for surgical planning.

Dr. Omkar S. Thopte

MD (Medicine), DNB (Cardiology) Fellow Interventional Cardiology (Sri Sathya Sai Institute, Banglore-Cleveland Clinic, USA)