2D Echocardiography

2D Echocardiography or 2D Echo: It is a non-invasive heart investigation that creates images of the sections of the heart using sound vibrations. It presents the various parts of the heart as in pictures so that it becomes easy to check if there is any damage or blockages, and blood flow rate.

2d Echo test is used for?

  • Assessment of the pumping function of the heart.
  • Assessment of the wall motion of the heart muscles in various chambers.
  • Measurement of the dimensions of the heart chambers and the thickness of heart muscle.
  • Assessment of the structure and function of the heart valves.
  • Looking for congenital abnormalities of the heart (for instance, hole in the heart, abnormal mal-position of the vessels and chambers of the heart, etc.).
  • Other structural and functional problems such as clots in the heart chambers, fluid collection around the heart, heart tumor, etc.

An echocardiogram is key in determining the health of the heart muscle, especially after a heart attack. It can also reveal heart defects in unborn babies.

Getting an echocardiogram is painless. There are only risks in very rare cases with certain types of echocardiograms or if contrast is used for the echocardiogram.

Dr. Omkar S. Thopte

MD (Medicine), DNB (Cardiology) Fellow Interventional Cardiology (Sri Sathya Sai Institute, Banglore-Cleveland Clinic, USA)